Today Badia a Montemuro is a charming ancient village, seated below and around the church of San Pietro. It was once a fortified abbey, which already in 1058 housed a thriving monastic community.

A seductive and mysterious place, it beckons and welcomes, proudly claiming its identity, its role in history.

It embraces the visitors who are willing to be swept away by its charm, whose remaining ruined ramparts bear witness to the memories of the battles which for centuries bloodied the green hills of a Chianti not as peaceful a the present one.

So one is soothed by its grace and charm, walking its picturesque alleys, one not wider than half a yard, where the echoing footsteps on the cobblestones tell of ancient and obscure legends....where a lovely little square ending in a sloping stairway faces the imposing elegance of a sturdy 16th century building, once a cloister....where an ancient guard tower, now turned into a residence, survives at the end of the old road to the town.......and so much more.

An historical, artistic and architectural heritage belonging to the land bordering Siena and Florence, the Chianti, the ensuing fruit of such civilizations.

Surrounded by a vast view of rolling hills, with deeply cut valleys, here and there marked by sometimes craggy heights, with woods teeming with life, scented by herbs, where the windís symphonies through the green leaved canopies are in tune with the song of birds and the crackling of the undergrowth treaded upon by a plentiful yet shy wildlife, where one walks through old winding paths, it conveys that energy which makes oneís soul vibrate with joyful emotion.

Where everything is so real, where dreams caress the wish to step in against the sad state of some forsaken structures, to respectfully and lovingly restore them to their past austere and noble beauty.